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Fishing Dailies Return in 3.1

El's Extreme Anglin' has the scoop on the new Dalaran fishing dailies that will launch in 3.1. And here I had just been complaining yesterday about only having fishing and JC profession dailies. Lots of great junk rewards in them, including lucrative vendor trash, some bank alt bling, and a crawler minni pet! Whoohoo!

The five rotating quests are available in Dalaran, from Marcia Chase the Fishing Trainer who buys your vendored coins next to the Eventide Fountain. A search of professions-related quests on WoWHead lacks details on the 5 dailies El dug up, but it does turn up a daily from Old Man Barlo in Crystalsong forest. We'll see if and when that goes live as well.

I am a little disappointed they went with additional BoP fishing poles as rewards, rather than a new and improved fishing line to augment the shiny epic Kalu'ak fishing pole, or a BOE pole you could use to help get your lazy alts started fishing. Oh well!