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3.1 Talent Trees

Shadow Priesty
I have been poking around with the talent calculators a bit, trying to determine what my 3.1 build will look like. I had toyed with the idea of dropping the shadow affinity since many SPs have blogged about not having it and being fine thx to Fade. But I m still not certain I would be able to maintain my level of DPS without it.

Here's the build I am thinking of going with. The leftover points out into discipline, down to 3/3 meditation. Because I am going to need all the mana regen help I can get from what I've been reading regarding the spirit nerf. I always forgot to use Inner Focus, so I doubt I'll notice it's gone.

For her dual spec, no idea what to do. I need to hit up Yas or Niza for some ideas. I intend to have her offspec be a good all-around pinch-hitting heal spec.

I am not liking my proposed Balance Druid build atm. I feel like I am kitchen-sinking. But then again, I haven't seen what the typhoon dmg boost looks like (or if I can glyph to remove the stun). If I go around stunning with it, I can expect to have tanks yelling at me. Yet it is the best of our AOEs right now. But if I glyph for starfall being faster, then it wil help a bit. Overall, I have been seriously disappointed with Balance druid raid performance in Naxx. Due to the amount of AOE trash, I can't keep up. And everything dies too fast to get a starfire off.

I don't see a dual spec in her immediate future since I have not been playing her much for the past 3 months. I suppose that her heal spec would look something like this. I healed for my first 2.5 druid years, but never as a full resto build. I was more of a modified dreamstate build, which allowed me to still be one of the top 3 healers in 25s, but allowed me to do dailies without it taking my whole life. I've just never been excited about tree of lifeform, but it feels pretty necessary to have these days to be a productive druid healer. We'll see.

Last on my 80s totem pole is my resto shaman. She was my 3rd 70, but my first 80, leveled hastily when it was clear no one else in my guild was going to get off their butts and level one of their healers. Her new build is pretty similar to what she has now as it has been effective in 5 and 10-mans.Her eventual dual spec will be elemental, which I loved playing as pre-BC. She only swapped over to healing when it was clear that she would never get into heroics or 10 mans in my old raiding guild otherwise.

Have I missed anything