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Friday Five: Five Vanity Pets I'd Like to See In-game

More Pillaging from the Pirates


After a very long work day, I came home to find the Pirates taking down the city leaders. We've become quite proficient at it, and count many war bears amongst our members. I had planned to do my dailies and sit it out, but then a new shiny carrot was dangled in front of me...

Why was everyone headed to Dustwallow Marsh?

To pay Jaina a visit?

Invite, please!

I'll admit, I felt a little bad about raiding Jaina in her ivory tower. After all, all she wanted to do was to study. But then, all of a sudden, she cast her eyes on me...and PORTED ME INTO THE OCEAN.

Oh wait, I remember why I don't like you, Jaina. You stopped me from giving Wrynn a good stomping in the Battle for Undercity. And you seem to be leading Thrall on while you still carry some sort of a torch for your lost Arthas. And whenever something doesn't go your way you port on out.

I made my way past the Alliance 80s that were camped in the ocean (surprisingly all 4 of them ran away from me, a poor little soggy shadow priest), back up the ramp, and helped finish Jaina off. She was a much tougher fight, with more casualties and difficulty than Tyrande.

Sorry my dear, you will have to study another day.

Grats to the Pirates for this additional pillaging!