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Not Living Up to My Potential


Last night, a guildie whispered to ask if I wanted to bring an alt to 10-man ToC. Sadly, I had to decline because, truth be told, my alts are not up for it.

I got spoiled last expansion -- I had 1 progression raiding toon, 1 able to do mid-tier raids and 2 more who rocked Kara like nobody's business. I always had a toon ready and willing to fill in on a raid. But that's just not how it is now.  Limited play time has been spent primarily raiding, or farming herbs. There simply has not been time -- or, honestly, interest on my part, to farm up a stack of badges to gear out the shaman and the mage.

I'm in that pre-expansion slump.

Right now, it seems more pressing to get the druid to 80 so that I can go into the next expansion with four 80s horde side (mirroring my four 70s Alliance side for BC start). So for now, I'll work on NaNoWriMo, make Twitter lists, play Dragon Age: Origins, and wait for the Sims 3 expansion, doing raids and chatting with friends, and live with just not being ready for the big raids on my alts.