On Shimmering Druid Wings
New Armory is Full of Fun Toys

Friday Five: 5 Things I'd Like to Accomplish Over This Long MLK Weekend


  1. Determine which -- if any -- of the shiny new armory feeds I want to add to my blog template. 3-D SP model would be nice, yes?
  2. Get baby lock (currently 27) to 35. Lofty goal but with 2 levels of rested XP + 2 BOAs, it could happen. Why 35? To train up engineering again, of course.
  3. Find some nice quiet time to write some posts for the blog. The last week or so has been way too busy and my "to write" idea list is getting pretty long.
  4. Do a few hours more of random dungeons on my shaman, to enable her to acquire her second piece of T9.
  5. Continue to push along the druid, as she edges towards 80. She's now 71 and needs to do her Coldarra quests and get in a Nexus run.
Whata re your plans for the weekend?