Friday Five: 5 Raiding Lessons to Remember in ICC
Wheeee! Guess Who's an Officer Now?

Spoiled Alts Update


Baby Warlock Hit 35!

  • Engineeering maxed out at 300; next skill up opportunity available at 50.
  • Felhunter procured after much running around in Azeroth.
  • Need to go to Gadget and visit Jordy Lapforge to learn the recipe for my gadgetzan transporter.
  • Enjoying pulling out my sexy Arcanite Dragonling, especially when standing around in Dalaran on important business.
  • Not yet hitting that mid-30s "OMGIAMTIREDOFQUESTING" slump, but I've only spent an hour or two in STV so there is still time.
  • Overall just really having fun dinking around on her, even with her being in the bank alt guild and not a real guild. It probably causes me to be more immersed in what I am doing to never have more than 3 folks online at a time.
  • Must mail her the mana return trinket that I have pretty much stopped using on the druid in favor of the blue trinkets she's procured.
  • Enjoying the things that feel similar in playstyle to my shadow priest, but noting there is enough variety and difference that I don't understand when people say they are the same. No sir, they certainly are not. They just have a dark affinity is all.
  • Have not yet random dungeoned on her but will start it soon so I can work on my pet choice and management.

Baby Druid crept up to 74

  • Managed to eek out exactly 1 level on the druid this weekend.
  • Spent rest of weekend thinking about how I didn't feel like playing the druid.
  • Dragonblight's primary non-group quests completed, and thus onward to Grizzly Hills next time.
  • Had horrifying realization I have done some of these quests...6 or 7 times now, in the past 12 months. More if you count helping friends do them. Bleh!
  • Had a Nexus run last weekend where she did 1600 DPS on a boss fight; in light of that, boggle at level 80 rogues in randoms not breaking 1k DPS. Why? Why?
  • Recalling how painful the gear grind was on my druid when WotLK was shiny and new a year ago.
  • Wondering if the druid will be shelved alongside the mage once she dings 80, rotting away save for a daily or weekly quest at a time.
  • Resolved to keep slowly at her leveling, playing when it feels right to do so, not worried about the slowness of speed. 80 will still be there in a month. Or two.
  • Will try to stomach the impatient chain pulling random instance tanks in order to get questing and XP done in a less repetitive manner.

After these two hit 80, no new alts! My Alliance shadow priest and mage still linger in the 70s so they'll be the last alt projects. Until Cataclysm strikes and I have to make new toons to see the new starting areas, that is.


Happy Alting!