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Nothing Says "Happy Anniversary!" Like a Chopper


Today is our six year anniversary. Since tonight's a raid night and Monday is always one of the toughest work days of the week, we celebrated with a fabulous dinner out last night. So, in the spirit of celebrating a day early, I gave my guy his anniversary gift in game a day early: his very own Chopper.

It was a little less than a year ago that he finally got his first chopper made, on his gnome warlock. The same day he made mine if memory serves. I remember us saving gold up and counting our coppers from every auction that came in as we worked towards the goal of getting to make them. I want to say he got maybe a few weeks use out of it before I made the decision to make my horde main my primary WoW time focus, turning the page on three years of Alliance raiding and fun that felt increasingly stale for me by that point.

Once it was clear my heart was set on playing horde, he rolled his DK, Guld, on my new server. And the rest is history. It took me a year to save up, and took a sneaky guildie accomplice to craft it for me last weekend. It makes me happy we can now be our own little motorcycle gang of two again. Riding around Dalaran and raising hell.