Lock Hits Level 70!
Friday 5: Blackwing Lair Retro Raid Edition


I managed to avoid the Lich King cut scene on the Dalaran fountain.

I managed to avoid the comic contest spoiler.

I managed to avoid the original MMO Champion dialogue and cut scene post spoiler.

But in the excitement over the leaked Alpha screenshots MMO Champion posted today, I finally found out what I wanted to see for myself when we finally kill the Lich King.

And I am bummed out.

We got the Lich King to 32% last night. So we are very very close now.

We go back in to see him tonight.

But I won't be able to give my usual battle cry. because it's been spoiled for me. And it does bum me out a bit.

Over the next 5 months or 6 months, the Internet is going to be filled with spoilers galore. And again I will implore folks to think twice about what you post that other folks can not avoid. Consider keeping your spoilers to your blogs where you can provide a spoiler alert. Twitter, alas, doesn't give folks a real opportunity to skip over the spoilers. And I for one don't want to have to stop reading twitter. So please do think twice before posting spoilers there.

Thanks and safe travels.

And P.S. Asros I know you didn't mean to spoil it for me.