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Friday Five: Five Good WoW Deeds You Can Do Today

It's never too late to do something nice for someone else. You just might make their day! And given how many folks are in the pre-Cataclysm slump, we could all use some good cheer, yes? Luckily, it takes no more brain or physical energy to do something nice than it does to snark or bitch and moan in our blogs. And thus, I give you today's list:

  1. Add someone new to your blog roll.
    That's right. That neglected list on your blog's homepage with links to blogs that haven't updated in half a year? the one that doesn't actually reflect who you read and retweet on a regular basis? You don't have to prune the dead weight to add links to some newer reads. And it's guaranteed to bring a grin to that blogger's face the next time they visit your blog.
  2. Stop lurking! Start commenting!
    You don't even have to have something witty to say. Or anything significant to add to the conversation. Just say hello. Tell a blogger that the content made you laugh, or that you could relate. Just take the plunge and start some dialogue.
  3. Raise your hand to do something for your guild.
    By now, your officers and GM are probably wincing under the strain of burnout and could use a hand. You can volunteer to help moderate your guild forums, or to organize the bank, or schedule alt runs, or to throw a social event. Most guild leadership teams appreciate the offer of a fresh pair of hands wanting to help out. 
  4. Inject some fun into your next guild event.
    Whether you raid or hang out in a social guild, the next time you get everyone together for an event, inject some fun. Examples: set out a small feast and turn everyone tiny. Bust out those leftover Halloween wands and turn everyone into ninjas and pirates. Share your sandbox tiger toy with your group, and watch folks take turns riding that adorable playground toy. Have naked unarmed dueling matches. Start a new raiding tradition. Or just bombard people with leather balls. The point is -- try to find a way to inject some fun into the day, in a way that's true to you and the spirit of the guild.
  5. Just say yes.
    It's easier to say no when someone is asking for help in G. Or when someone suggests running a retro raid. Or doing any number of other activities that were not on your list of things you could do while standing around in Dalaran chatting. But try saying yes the next time someone asks for help or tries to get a group together to do For the Horde! You never know -- you just might even have some fun while doing it.
Happy Friday!