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Friday Five: 5 Things I Accomplished with 5 FPS

Since I am still without my super awesome desktop computer, I bring you today's Friday Five, on the things I have managed to accomplish on my rickety old laptop, with its 5 FPS...

  1. I got my new DK out of the starting area. I know this doesn't sound like much to those of you with a whole army of alts, but have I mentioned here lately how I made a gnome DK on the day Wrath came out? And how she's still in the DK starting area? I blame the quest where you have to beat the living daylights out of those Scarlets for information...
  2. I got the DK's skinning to 300 and Mining to 254. She'll have her professions Outland-ready by the time before I get my computer back. And she's made a tidy pile of cash for my future Alliance alts on the new server.
  3. I braved the yellow to red latency and the low FPS to finish the last couple of pre-Wrathgate quests my gnome mage had. All because I wanted to go visit Bolvar. *sniffle* WTB more phased/instanced content like the Battle for Undercity. That was blissfully lag-free.
  4. Re-organized my bank alt guild's tab content, including throwing out some items I don't think I'll be needing for Cataclysm. It's a fine line between holding on to items for my future goblin hunter and having my bank be too full of crap that Cataclysm will render obsolete and worthless. See also why I've sold all my mithril casings. And yes, as @Shieldbreakr noted last week, I am obsessed with having an orderly bank!
  5. Survived what would have been tough WoW-withdrawl. Even with all there is to do here, especially on the days with the gorgeous weather, I do enjoy winding down my evening with some WoW time. I would have been bummed out to have been completely WoW-free for this past busy week. I cheered on my 25-man raid team from the sofa last night. Sad to not be in there with them, but happy to see that they

P.S. Achievement #1 is due entirely to the support of Psynister. Huzzah!