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Too Many Pets?!?!?


So far, it's been pretty smooth sailing for me with the Mists of Pandaria launch. The ship quest line worked fine, as did questing w/Wrenz cross-server (since we both want to play our shadow priets atm.) Only one small issue cropped up for me last night, right after receiving Mr Fishy, a new companion pet. I went to learn him and was faced with the most horrible text I have ever seen:

Can't add companion to your account.
You have too many pets.


510 pets is too many pets? But I don't see any duplicate pets I can cage and sell or give away. What is going on here?

Determined to figure this out, I went to the pet battle trainer to see if she could help. I learned pet battling and accepted her quest then opened my journal again. Still not seeing how man of each pet. So, I picked one I knew I had too many of, the blue dragonhawk, and searched for it. Sure enough, I got a list (by searching dragonhawk) that showed every individual occurrence of dragonhawk in my pet hournal.

I started right clicking on and choosing "put in cage" for each of the duplicates, to clean up my pet journal. The good news is since these are pets that are sold individually, they are able to be caged and sold (well, if anyone wants them.) Many other pets require that you set them free to get rid of your duplicates

And here is the happy ending to my story, my new friend, Mr Fishy!:


Getting Settled In Guild Wars 2


I've been playing Guild Wars 2 daily since the headstart, and am starting to get my sea legs.

I've been making slow but expensive progress through my crafting professions. Cloth is still slow to come by but I am keeping my tailoring a bit ahead of my character leveling on the whole. Ditto for the artifice. The cooking is not so much at level, and outrageously expensive, but the diverse creations that come out of the discovery mechanism for it are so much fun to shoot for, especially now that we have the Good with Beer GW2 cooking helper tool.

I've also been making nice progress with my alt ranger -- she's already 22! It's fun to explore in search of new pets to add to her team, and I am amazed at how much she and her pet can take on together successfully.

And now that the auction house is up more reliably I have made a few sales. But It is curious to see how many people put items up for the same amount at which you can sell them to a vendor. Oh well, more salvage for the crafting collections...

And finally, our original guild has apparently been restored so all our 200+ members can see it and represent it, after it being in limbo and inaccessible for most of the time since the headstart weekend.

All that said, I'm taking a mini break from the game for a few weeks to give it time to continue to settle. You see, in addition to the issues I wrote about last time, my SO and I hit a nice big new bug: his class quest, which he and I had been doing together since we're both Asura in the 30s, bugged out. As in it told him his next step is a level 48 quest. As in, he is no longer able to get credit for completing the quests with me.

As you may expect, he creaeted a support account and put in a support ticket (I don't at all get why you need to make a new account for support btw). It was answered in a timely manner, but with a generic copy/paste reply about quests not completing that seemed to indicate the correspondent either did not read or did not udnerstand his ticket. Now, if the respondent didn't understand, they should have asked for clarifying details/more information. But they didn't -- they closed out the ticket. And they haven't replied on twitter to me about that (or anything I've asked themabout on twitter) either.

Yes, my SO could just scrap this character and start over as a workaround for the bug. But what if it hits again? And why should he have to scrap 30+ levels of playing and all that crafting, for a workaround that could possibly lead to this exact same outcome? ugh. NO THANK YOU! So perhaps by giving the game a timeout, the issue will eventuall be resolved by ArenaNet. If not, it's not like we didn't get some value from the game purchase-- just not as much as we'd expected to. And that's OK. Because I am a little tired of the grind of killing the same mobs over and over and over again. SO this break should do me good.


It's the Little Things That Charm Me So...

Can she keep this forsaken firefighter rig forever please?

No, I don't just mean the gnomes. Tho clearly, I have been charmed by the gnomes.

I'm talking about the small details that make some of the Cataclysm lowbie quests give you a grin. Like this Forsaken firefighting backpack apparatus. It's so functional and yet so stylish! I didn't want to turn in my quest and give it up, but I also wanted to progress through the Ironforge airport story, so in the end I did surrender it. Alas, I do not hitnk this one will be ready for Hallow's End and trying to get a similar Forsaken gas tank of her very own. But perhaps she'll go for one of the blue water tanks that @Rades wrote about obtaining.

For the record, this little gnome is a shadow priest. I plan to level her through some of the Cataclysm content I haven't run an alt through yet, aling with a heavy side of LFD. What's truly fun though is looking at every piece of gear she gets as a drop and thinking "Transmog y/n/murloc?" Good times.

What is a little thing that's recently charmed YOU in Azeroth?

BA Shared Topic: What spell would I most want?

Boomkins on dragons forever!

This week's blog Azeroth shared topic asks: "What spell would you most want?" It was inspired by the fact that in the upcoming Mist of Pandaria expansion, Druids will be getting a new spell called Symbiosis, which will allow them to "trade" a spell with another player, based on the player’s class and combat role and the Druid’s specialization.

This one was a no brainer for me-- I'll be crossing my fingers that I always have a shadow priest in my party so I can borrow their Mind Sear. Now, its tooltip doesn't make it sound like all that: "Causes an explosion of shadow magic around the target, causing 152 to 163 (+ 15% of SpellPower) Shadow damage every 1 sec for 5 sec to all enemies within 10 yards around the target." But what it DOESN'T MENTION is that you do, in fact, create a shadowy purple explosion of damage in a large circle around your intended victim. Purpley bolts of doom for everyone!

When I play my boomkin, it's always the mind sear button I try to reach for, from the many hours of shadow priesting and the joy that spell has brought me in so many dungeons and raids and city leader strikes. If my druid had it in her arsenal, it would be her go-to AOE spell. And her targets would never see it coming...

What about you? What spell would you seek out?