Vanity Pets

At Long Last...Candy Gets a Croc!


After years of trying (Yes, YEARS) my druid finally obtained her first crocolisk pet! A big TY! goes out to Elvenia for dropping me a note to let me know it was today's quest.

El and I were master fisherwomen by the time we hit 70 and we both did the fishing dailies every day, lamenting our inability to catch one of these elusive mini pets. But today, El got her first croc, and told me to get my butt out to Shatt and to pick up the quest.

One down, three more to go...

What Does the Druid Who Has Everything Need?

Why a Green Proto-Drake, of course.

It was quite a shock to see this in my bag this evening after cracking open my egg. At first, I thought it was another proto drake whelp pet, since my shadow priest had just gotten one of those.

It's funny how lucky I've been with mounts in Wrath. Not bad for a girl who normally lowballs every roll. Sometimes the RNG gives you some love after all.

Macros Are Your Friends for Showing off Pets and Mounts

Now that I can carry around all my pets and mounts all the time, I needed to find a better way to summon them than stopping to scroll through 5 pages of them every team I wanted to have one out. I ended up using macros and posting them to my right hand bar. Here are the ones I am using:


/run CallCompanion("CRITTER", random(GetNumCompanions("CRITTER")))


/run CallCompanion("MOUNT", random(GetNumCompanions("MOUNT")))

It's nice to use macros for things more fun than tossing tainted cores at raid members or pleading to have someone click the spine off me so I can continue healing kthxbai.