SF Milkshakes?
NY Wine Shipping Ban Overturned!

In Memorium of Tasty, French Unpasteurized Cheese

Cheese lovers are going to end up taking quickie flights to Paris and smuggling back cheese in their luggage (a la Jeffrey Steingarten) as soon as they realize there's no other way to get their Reblochon fix...

I mean, I've known about the ban on raw milk cheeses, but somehow forgot until I read this SF Chron article.

My somewhat lactose sensitive stomach didn't even bother me in the slightest while I was in Paris, where no laws protected me from unpasteurized milk products, despite my overindulgence in multiple raw milk cheeses on a daily basis. So what, exactly, are we afraid of here?

I've gone to the hospital twice with chicken-related food poisoning, but I don't see us cracking down on raw chicken products.