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Lots to do in SF This Week

Your cup overfloweth for stuff to do in SF this week...


A couple of years ago, I recall talking with my friend Olivia about how my boy and I needed to cross the bridge to have dinner at Dopo, a local Italian place with amazing pizza. That conversation was followed by our car deciding it would make a better doorstop than a means of transportation.

Fast forward. This morning, SF Chronicle editor Michael's Bauer's blog focuses on Dopo today, as part of his every Friday pizza series. It's fortuitous timing -- we are in possession of a car that likes going places. And I am in need of some house cured salumi...

A Very Scary Halloween...Courtesy of Martha

I remember when my friend Adrienne gave me the martha Stewart Halloween special issue many years ago. I loved her amazing pumpkins, the creepy cupcakes, and -- most of all -- her super scary spider lady costume.

The Martha Stewart Living folks have a new Halloween special publication, and it looks like most of it is online. Lots of inspiration for bad things to make the holiday a little more evil (yet delicious)