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Recession Parties Anyone?

I think we should totally have Recession Parties this holiday season, rather than traditional festive spare-no-expense fancy holiday parties. Many corporate entities have already canceled holiday parties, but lack of budget shouldn't mean lack of ability to socialize with friends. In that spirit, I am bringing my WT dip to our department potluck, with pre-cut carrot and celery sticks and Ruffles.

If invited to such a party during non-work hours, if the host(ess) had heating facilities for their fellow potluckers, I would bring my tuna casserole with cheez-its topping. Who said being frugal can't be fun and tasty? And as a bonus for the ladies, instead of buying a new outfit, a recession party would be the right opportunity to wear that bridesmaid dress your childhood best friend assured you would totally be re-wearable...

Giving Back During the Holidays

My work group is spending a morning at the San Francisco Food Bank this year instead of having a holiday party. With everything going on in the economy right now, it feels like a better way to spend our time and limited resources. Our group is going to help sort donations in the warehouse, but there are multiple ways you can also help.

1.) Drop off your food in one of the SF Food Bank barrels throughout the City. There are numerous barrels in office buildings downtown, plus bins in Bay Area Whole Foods, Safeway and Lucky's market.

2.) All day today, December 9th, Whole Foods Market will hold donate five-percent of the day's gross sales from Whole Foods Market stores in the greater Bay Area to the Bay Area Food Banks.

3.) Grab some friends and do a volunteer shift at the food bank:

San Francisco Food Bank
900 Pennsylvania Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94107

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Circus Animals Saved by Kelloggs!

I posted a while back that my favorite frosted cookies, Mothers Animal cookies, were about to become obsolete after the bankruptcy of Mother's Cookies. But it appears that wily Kelloggs has stepped in and bought their recipes...which means these happy confetti sprinkled treats --and the Taffy's and Iced Oatmeals -- may again make grammer school lunches everywhere a tastier place. Yeah!

Toasting 75 Years Since the Repeal of Prohibition...Huzzah!

San Francisco is a city that loves its libations. So it's probably not really surprising that we're hosting a few Prohibition-repeal events, namely a parade this afternoon led by the 21st Amendment Brewery folks. Details on the events behind the jump.

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