Warlords of Draenor 6 Weeks In
One Shadow Priest's Thoughts on Legion

Blizzcon 2015 Live Blogging by Anexxia at Bible of Dreams


That's right, another year, another blizzcon. I'm at home watching via livestream and keeping up with all the twitter #Blizzcon chatter. Be sure to follow along at home!

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Highlights of what we've learned so far...

  • Brightpaw announced as this year's Blizzard Make-a-Wish charity pet, releasing December 2.
  • My beloved Lady Sylvanas has a key role in the Legion expansion cinematic! Finally having her time in the spotlight as a hero and leader.

  • Artifact weapon previews up for all Warcraft classes.
    • As you upgrade your artifact weapon you also gain access to other models + colors for your weapon over time.
    • You can add a range of different relics to your artifact weapon. Provides some customization.
    • Use artifact power to first unlock an active trait (that you'll put on your bar). Meaty power w/long CD.
    • Artifact power is a resource you acquire from any type of activity you are doing. Unlock traits/abilities in your artifact tree.
  • Class Halls will have armor stands for you to display your favorite armor sets
  • A little underwhelmed that the "new" moonkin models are so "faithful to the originals"
  • As a demon hunter you will rip your new abilities from the demos you slay in your starter area.
  • Legion will have more voice work than any prior Warcraft expansion.
  • We will be seeing at least a small cameo from our beloved Bolvar Fordragon.
  • Will be able to trade duplicate personal loot.
  • New legendary world drops.
  • A new and improved Dalaran will be the capital city for Legion. Will have a "deathgate" like portal that will port you to/from class halls.
  • No more gathering node sniping while you're fighting the mobs guarding them: nodes shared not tappable.
  • Significant inscription changes.
    • Major Glyphs removed b/c other things (i.e. artifact talents) replacing them.
    • Scribes still make trinkets, consumable minor glyphs.
    • No more glyph slots-- can use as many minor glyphs as you want.
  • Serious recipe window overhaul: will show recipes you don't have and how to find them too.
  • Recipe acquisition will now happen through exploration/adventures, not just be learned from your trainer.
  • Major overhaul of shadow priest playstyle
    • Shadow priests in Legion: No longer "poor cousin of the affliction warlock".
    • Tapping into the power of the void.
    • Void is controlled by the old gods = shadow priests.
    • New resource for SPs= insanity. No mana or shadow orbs. 
    • As your insanity increases, your shadow form gets darker...grow tentacles out of your body until you ultimately end up in void form.
    • "Ultimate but fleeting power" b/c no one can harness insanity forever.
  • Significant moonkin overhaul. Eclipse is gone. More focus on DoTs.
  • Druids will be able to finally have quad spec! All players (except demon hunters) will be able to have 3 specs.
  • Disc priests will now be able to heal primarily via their DPS.
  • Survival hunters making melee hunter a reality (which is good for that LFG dude from 8 years ago who insisted on it.)
  • Demonology warlocks seeing a major overhaul, feeling that their play style was off track of the core fantasy.
  • Adding 1 character slot per server so you can have a demon hunter on your existing server
  • The old Nefarian encounter in BWL will gain a demon hunter class call.
  • The keystone dungeon challenges will NOT be queable via LFG.
  • You can start working towards unlocking Legion early in the expansion but it won't be available immediately after hitting 110.
  • HUGE wardrobe update
    • Can save different looks per class spec.
    • Can link your outfits to other people; if they lack an item it will still show it and provide the info on where/how they can get it.
    • "Hidden" slots saved per outfit (i.e. that you don't show your helm or cloak with a specific outfit)
    • New: can hide shoulders!
    • 3 new transmogable slots: Weapon enchants, shirts, and tabards.
    • For transmog you can get the looks back for quest items you completed even if quest no longer exists (eg vanilla class quests) 
    • And they will go back and look at all quests you completed and unlock all those appearances including items you didn't pick.
    • As soon as item is bound to you, its appearance is unlocked in your collection which is account-wide, so any character of yours who can wear that armor type can access it


  • Launching League of Explorers this Thursday! 

Heroes of the Storm

  • Cho'gall 2-player character in-game benefit for Blizzcon in-person and live stream attendees! Play two games with a friend who doesn't have him, and they earn him.


  • When you buy the game you get all 21 heroes. The idea is to change up who you play.
  • Origins edition of the game comes with five origin skins, including: Strike Commander Morrison, Overgrown Bastion, Blackwatch Reyes, Security Chief Pharah 
  • Baby Winston pet for Warcraft one of the digital goodies from the origin
  • Tracer Heroes of the Storm character another of the digital goodies
  • Coming to the Xbox1 and PS4! But not for Mac, which is incredibly surprising. As a Mac player, not happy about that.