Sometimes it's the Small Things

Fishing chair! At last!

Why no that WASN'T a gnome pun, thank-you-very-much.

It's just stopping to smell the flowers.

Or in this case, to sit in my newly obtained fishing chair.

My sweetie got the loot card for me for my birthday, but there was some sort of a redemption bug that took a very long time to sort out.

But after checking every few weeks, my mage was finally victorious and took the chair for a test-sit, as it were.

The verdict: this is the only way to fish.

What small things in game have made you smile this week?

How I Finally Got My Archaeology Groove On

  oh hey look who followed me home! wonder how that happened...

I first tried out Archaeology on my druid, right after the expansion hit. Despite the nice little hits of experience every time she surveyed, I quickly grew antsy about completing the new content. And left her Archaeology hovering in the low 100s.

I tried out archaeology again on my undead shadow priest, using it to pass time between dungeon queues. But the PUGs for my horde battlegroup were uniformly horrible, so that didn't last long either. I think she may have just barely hit 100.

Fast forward to my gnome mage hitting 83, and my not being enthusiastic about pushing a 4th character through all the Cataclysm content again so soon. Dutifully, I headed over to the archaeology trainer, then set out on my flight path to my first dig site. And this time, it stuck. I spent hours zooming from place to place on my mage, herbing as I went. Racking up the experience. I got my first rare pretty quickly-- the Fossilized Hatchling. At which point I started to get the crazy gleam in my eye-- oh yes, Vial of the Sands, one day, I could have you!

And the rest, as they say, was history. I kept at the archaeology, and hit 525 with it not too long after the mage hit 85. Almost all of it just from surveying dig sites.

And no, I don't have the Vial of the Sands yet. But I know if anyone can extract that from the Uldum sands, it's my lucky little mage.

What to Wear: The Shadow Priest's Guide to Cataclysm's Crafted Gear

shadow priest fishing up volatiles to craft some new clothes

Note that I am not including rare quality tailoring gear here at this time since it is PvP oriented, or ilvl 333 and under. Also note that overall, until there's data showing that mastery is worth it for shadow priests, I am leaning towards gear without it when there is a choice to be made.

ilvl 359 Tailoring Epics

ilvl 346 Blacksmithing Weapon

ilvl 346 Jewelcrafting Accessories

ilvl 346 Inscription Off Hands

UPDATED: Cataclysm Fishing Achievements and Quests



UPDATED 4/25/11 with new dailies added in Patch 4.1

The patch brings us new fishing dailies in some of our other capital cities, so we can add some variety to our daily routine. I know I've grown tired of doing the same old quests, and quite honestly, I miss the Undercity. I'll be decamping for there after the patch lands.

New Alliance Fishing Dailies in Darnassus
Quests come from Astaia.

  • A Slippery Snack. Gather 6 Baby Octopi from the shallow water near Rut'theran Village.
  • An Old Favorite. Catch 8 Kaldorei Herring by fishing in Rut'theran Village.
  • Happy as a Clam Digger. Gather 10 Teldrassil Clams from the shores near Rut'theran Village.
  • Stocking Up. Catch 5 Lake Whitefish by fishing in Darnassus.
  • The Sister's Pendant. Retrieve Aquinne's Moon Pendant from the belly of a Giant Catfish. You should be able to catch them anywhere you can fish in Darnassus.

New Alliance Fishing Dailies in Ironforge
Quests come from Grimnur Stonebrand.

  • Cold Water Fishing. Catch 5 Arctic Char by fishing in Helm's Bed Lake in Dun Morogh.
  • Fish fer Squirky. Catch 3 Blind Minnows in the pool in the Forlorn Cavern and feed them to Squirky.
  • Live Bait. Use Grimnur's Bait on yourself, then jump into Helm's Bed Lake in Dun Morogh.
  • One fer the Ages. Catch a Young Ironjaw in Ironforge's Forlorn Cavern and display it in the Library near the Empty Plaque.
  • The Gnomish Bait-o-Matic. Use the Bait-o-Matic Blueprint with 5 Shiny Baubles, a Hair Trigger, and 3 Rat Traps to create the Gnomish Bait-o-Matic.

New Horde Fishing Dailies in The Undercity
Quests come from Armand Cromwell.

  • Fish Head. Fish up a Severed Abomination Head in Undercity
  • Like Pike? Dig up a Corpse Worm in the Ruins of Lordaeron courtyard and use it as bait to catch a Corpse-Fed Pike. Corpse-Fed Pike can be fished up in Brightwater Lake, northeast of Undercity.
  • Moat Monster! Use the Alliance Decoy Kit to summon the Moat Monster in the Ruins of Lordaeron. Then use the Bloated Frogs to feed the monster.
  • Tadpole Terror. Fish up 8 Giant Flesh-Eating Tadpoles.
  • Time for Slime. Collect 10 Squirming Slime Molds.

New Horde Fishing Dailies in Thunder Bluff
Quests come from Kah Mistrunner.

  • Craving Crayfish. Gather 10 Stonebull Crayfish from Stonebull Lake in Mulgore. You can fish them up dive in and grab them by hand.
  • Pond Predators. Catch 8 Azshara Snakehead fish from the Thunder Bluff pond.
  • Shiny Baubles. Collect 20 Shiny Stones from around the central rise's base.
  • The Race to Restock. Gather 2 Randy Smallfish and 2 Amorous Mud Snappers from Stonebull Lake in Mulgore.
  • The Ring's the Thing. Fish up Blind Cavefish from the Pools of Vision in Thunder Bluff and fillet them until you find the ring.


Original Post from December 2, 2010

I'd planned to hold off on this post until I'd actually gone through all 5 of the quests both Horde and Alliance side, but after a week-and-a-half, I've still only had the same 3 each side, and have been receiving prods about writing this post, so here you have it.

New Fishing Achievements

  • Illustrious Grand Master Fisherman. Obtain 525 skill points in fishing. The previous fishing skill achievements were earned upon training the ability to earn another 75 skill points. I like this change to getting the recognition once you finally get that last available skill point.
  • Fish or Cut Bait (A) or Fish and Cut Bait (H). Achievements for completing each of the 5 fishing daily quests.
  • The Limnologist. Catch 48 different fresh water fish. This big list of fish includes fish from Azeroth, Outlands, and Northrend. Despite my many fishing dailies, and my having fished up all of the previously existing fish on the list many times in the past, my achievement in progress for this is a big wall of gray. Blergh. I would mind redoing this less if it were only the new Azeroth fishies, as I want to explore all the new content anyhow.
  • The Oceanographer. Catch 33 different saltwater fish. Like Limnologist, these fish can be found in Azeroth, Northrend or Outlands (Jaggal Clams for the latter in case you were thinking to yourself what on earth could have been in saltwater in Outlands.)

New Alliance Fishing Dailies in Stormwind

  • Hitting a Walleye. Catch 8 Hardened Walleye. A very straightforward, fast daily. Make sure you are at the correct lake -- you should see an on screen indication that you are at Stormwind Lake. At 450 fishing, I caught one of these fish each cast.
  • Rock Lobster. Collect 6 rock lobsters. This quest is completed under the Stormwind docks, and is a collection quest (checking the crab traps) not actually a fishing chore. There is a level 85 shark patrolling those waters, noted by the quest to be viscous (sic), so watch out.
  • Thunder Falls. Catch 4 violet perch. Head out of Storwind's city gates, and head immediately to the right, and look for a steep but accessible path up the cliffs. You'll come to a small house with a smidge of water and a dock near the water falls. At 450 fishing I typically caught my four fish within 10 casts at worst.
  • Diggin' for Worms. Find an Overgrown Earthworm near Lake Olivia and use it as bait to catch a Crystal Bass. Look for cogwheels over hard to see mounds of dirt around Lake Olivia to grab your earthworm. After applying the worm to your hook, it's buff will last 10 minutes which should be more than long enough to catch your fish at Olivia's Pond. This one also happens to reward 2 fishing skill points instead of the usual 1. This body of water is near the Pumpkin Patch for the cooking daily, accessed through an exit from the Dwarven District.
  • Big Gulp. Catch Royal Monkfish and fillet them until you find the Precious Locket. So far, this is my least favorite of the fishing dailies due to its randomness. One day I fished up 26 monkfish, over the span of 11 or 12 minutes before I got a locket.

New Horde Fishing Dailies in Orgrimmar

  • Clammy Hands. Collect 10 Monstrous clam meat. The clams are collected (not fished) from the sea floor under the docks in Bladefist Bay, outside of Orgrimmar.
  • A Staggering Effort. Head out the North exit of Orgrimmar to kill a stag and collect its eye to use as bait to catch a Sandy Carp in the Valley of Wisdom. 
  • A  Golden Opportunity. Cut off a thunder Lizard's tail with the quest item knife, then click on its tail to kill Golden Stonefish, retrieving 3 Golden Stonefish from their electrocuted bodies. You should be able to use that one lizard tail to easily kill all three of your fish.
  • No Dumping Allowed. Fish up 6 toxic puddlefish. A very quick and straightforward daily.
  • A Furious Catch. Catch a Giant Furious Pike in the Southfury River right outside Orgrimmar. Be sure to head South, not North, as you exit Orgrimmar through the Valley of the Spirits, as you want to remain in Durotar for this quest.

Other New Fishing Miscellanea

The new dailies reward you with a Bag of Shiny Things. Overall, the rewards bag has been disappointing. No cool grey or white items that serve as bank alt bling. No vendor trash that earns you a great sell price. No adorable pets. OK, I take back the latter -- if you don't already have a Strand Crawler from your Dalaran fishing bags, you have a chance at that.

I would guess that the overall cheap quality of these rewards is due to the fact that your level 10 characters can pick up these quests, and no one wants a filthy rich level 10 just from doing the fishing dailies. It would be nice though if there was a new pole, or a pet, or lures, or even unique bobber icons that could be either earned over time or randomly awarded through these new dailies. Oh well. they promised to make fishing more fun in Cataclysm, but so far I am not sure what it is they have in mind exactly. We shall see.

Are you going to grab a tackle box? It's a new profession bag, fashioned by engineers. I am not seeing that for me it would be worth it over all. I typically send all my fish to a bank alt, and at any given time have a solid tab full of fish and meat. I am much more likely to go out into the world with regular bags and fill them up. But then again it might come in handy when roaming the world working on one of those new "catch one of every fish" achievements.

I do like the change of our mouse-over for the bobber now being a fishy. It's very cute. Now if only they'd give us a way to earn ourselves one of these cute goblin fishing chairs...

UPDATED: Cataclysm Cooking Achievements and Daily Quests

UPDATED 4/29 with the new cooking dailies added with Patch 4.1

Alliance Cooking Dailies in Darnassus

Alliance Cooking Dailies in Ironforge
Quests come from Daryl Riknussun.

Horde Cooking Dailies in The Undercity
Quests come from Eunice Burch.

Horde Cooking Dailies in Thunder Bluff
Quests come from Aska Mistrunner.

  • Corn Mash. Pound 6 bowls of corn kernels into cornmeal.
  • "Magic" Mushrooms. Gather 6 "Magic" Mushrooms from the Pools of Vision.
  • Mulgore Spice Bread. Use Mulgore Spices with Spice Bread to create 5 Fresh Mulgore Spice Bread, or obtain them from someone else.
  • Perfectly Picked Portions. Obtain four "perfect portions" from merchants stalls around Thunder Bluff. You will obtain one each of Succulent Sweet Potatoes, Savory Spices, Fresh-Caught Fish, and Fresh-Hunted Fowl from Thunder Bluff merchant stalls.
  • Pining for Nuts. Obtain 30 Pine Nuts by toasting Mulgore Pine Cones.

Original Post

I've slowly but surely started working on my Cataclysm cooking achievements and cooking quests, thanks to all being activated with patch 4.0.3a. I've already achieved the Let's Do Lunch achievement on my Alliance characters after only a week of dailies.

Achievements: Alliance

  • Let's Do Lunch: Complete each of the Stormwind cooking dailies listed below.
  • The Cataclysmic Gourmet: Cook 15 then 30 of the new recipes.
  • Iron Chef: Learn 200 cooking recipes.

Achievements: Horde

  • Let's Do Lunch: Complete each of the Orgrimmar cooking dailies listed below.
  • The Cataclysmic Gourmet: Cook 15 then 30 of the new recipes.
  • Iron Chef: Learn 200 cooking recipes.

Alliance Cooking Dailies in Stormwind

  •  A Fisherman's Feast. Obtain 5 gigantic catfish, via fishing or stealing barrels of fish from beleagured Stormwind fishermen.
  • Orphans Like Cookies Too. Steal bags of confectioners' Sugar (or buy them from NPCs in the Inns around SW).
  • The King's Cider. Obtain 12 juicy apples that have fallen from the trees around Stormwind. Herbalists have a leg up on this as the locations of fallen apples will show on your mini map like herb nodes do.
  • Feeling Crabby? Collect 10 canal crabs. You'll want to get a warlock's underwater breathing buff or be a druid in seal form to swiftly swim through the canals in search of the crabs.
  • Penny's Pumpkin Pancakes. Obtain 6 Stormwind Pumpkins. Gathered from a pumpkin patch North of Stormwind. The hardest part of this quest is finding the tiny pathway out to the pumpkin patch from the far reaches of the Dwarven District.

Horde Cooking Dailies in Orgirmmar

So far of these, all are pretty fast and easy to complete other than Feeling Crabby, which is likely to flare tempers the same way the Dalaran mushrooms did in the early days of WotLK. 3 completed quests earns you enough Chef's Award tokens to purchase a recipe. Or 2 tokens can be turned in for a Crate of Tasty Meat that can be used to create some of the new recipes.

There are 11 recipes that may be learned with 450 cooking skill; 3 with 475 cooking skill; 11 with 500 cooking skill; 1 with 505 cooking skill; and 2 learned with 525 cooking skill. NOTE: the two 525 recipes will require a spend of 5 tokens instead of the 3 needed for the lower level recipes. Alliance recipes are purchased from Bario Matalli, while Horde recipes are purchased from Shazdar.

Toys and Relics and Scribe-crafted Bling from Cataclysm Inscription Recipes

Now that the final countdown has started for Cataclysm, as the earthquakes become more frequent, and the elementals start popping up everywhere, my thoughts have turned to professions. I’d been wondering how Inscription would fare, given that they’ve changed our glyph usage so that it’s buy once and know it forever, which will long-term reduce that facet of the viability of inscription as a money-making profession.

Thanks to the good folks over at WoWHead, I’ve gotten my question answered: we’ll be making toys and the key component to one of the new buff foods. Some nice relics for ourselves, and shoulder enchants that are better than the rep enchants as well. But so far, no sure-fire best selling items, unless it turns out we are the primary source for level 85 offhands for the first few months of the expansion.


Mysterious Fortune Cards

Now, these items are interesting. When you make a Mysterious Fortune Card, you can not be sure of exactly what you will end up with. No, it's not another Darkmoon Card redux. That's further down this page. Instead, you end up with a Fortune Card. Most of the time, you get the white item that provides a fortune but also acts as the primary material for creating a Fortune Cookie, a buff food that provides you with 96k health and mana, and a 90 stamina/90 other useful stat buff for an hour. But there is also a chance to create an uncommon card that vendors for 20g, a rare card that vendors for 50g, or, drum roll please: one of two epic quality cards that vendor for 1,000 G or  5,000 G. Now that's what I call fortunate!

BoE Gear

Scribe-Specific Enchants



UPDATED: Patch 4.0.1 New Inscription Recipes

At my trainer in IF this evening, I learned the following new recipes:

I tried out my Northrend Glyph Research which had not returned anything new for over a year and was rewarded by learning Glyph of Living Bomb. No learning from my second try at it this morning. Learned Glyph of Colossus Smash from a Book of Glyph Mastery; no further learnings from a second book.

Note that the Dalaran trainer does not have anything the IF trainer didn't have, and that if you have already learned your limited quantity glyphs from the Dalaran supplier, there is nothing new for you there either.

Lock Hits Level 70!


Kandira was 2 bars away from 70 last night when I got pulled in to ICC 10, filling in for a raider's no show (our three standby folks had also not turned up.) Raid time was followed by dinner, then back to the Outland salt mines to finish up for the big ding.

I dinged turning in a quest in Shadowmoon Valley, just a few minutes after completing my Outland exploration achievement. My first pit stop was my bank vault, to pullout the materials I'd been saving up for my turbo charged flyer. I was pretty close except in one area -- Khorium. Despite having mined a few nodes over the course of leveling, I had only 17 ores and had to buy the rest. OUCH! That's all we'll say about that.

So now the little lock is almost grown up. I suspect that these last 10 levels in Northrend will take a while. I hope she won't sit out here a year like the poor neglected Alliance toons...

Handling the Primordial Saronite

If you haven't already made your way into Icecrown Citadel and checked out the quartermaster, you may not be aware that unlike ToC and Ulduar 25-mans, wherein many yummy crafting patterns fell from the bosses, you will be needing to purchase your 3.3 epic crafting patterns. Specifically, you will need to have appropriate reputation levels (honored for one pair, revered for another pair or patterns) plus a primordial saronite to purchase each pattern.

There are two ways to obtain the primordial saronite -- they drop at 50% or less off the bosses in Icecrown Citadel 25-man raids, or you can buy them for 23 emblems of frost. Personally, I don't see a lot of folks taking the latter route straight out of the gate since we'll all be needing to spend hundreds of those emblems on purchasing our tier 10 gear.

Our guild is still undecided about how to handle the saronites as they drop. We do have a guild crafter rank, Swashbuckler, already in place. For runed orbs, our guild sold them to guildies, from the gbank, at half the going auction house price. I've proposed that we either give them to the guild crafters, as they hit the appropriate rep levels,  or sell them to them at no more thank 1/4 the going auction house price. Even the latter would be a pricey proposition for crafters.

Personally, having acquired a substantial number of patterns both before and after being named a guild crafter, and so far having made about a dozen pieces for guildies and friends of the guild, and nothing for myself, find it a little hard to rationalized spending my gold on buying primal saronite for four patterns, when it's unlikely I will make the items for myself (at best, I could see myself crafting a pair of boots.)

One of the rules of being a guild crafter is that since you get priority on dropped patterns you don't charge guildies for crafting the items. Thus, if we don't give guild crafters the saronite, we are basically saying "oh hai please spend 3k per pattern in costs you will not be able to recoup unless you shop yourself out in trade chat for a few weeks." I doubt most of the folks would do so -- or would even have the cash reserves to do so even if they wanted to.

How's your guild handling the primal saronite? Or how would you like to see it go?

Updated: Pilgrim's Bounty Cooking

You may have noticed a flurry of cooking leveling within your guild recently. People who'd previously poo-poo'd cooking and fishing suddenly taking up both with a vengeance. It's likely that the upcoming Pilgrim's Bounty in-game event is the reason. Pilgrim's Bounty is held November 22- November 28 and features virtual takes on many of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday's traditions.

The cooking quests, and the achievements requiring the fruits of your cooking labors, all involve specialty items only available from specific Pilgrim's Bounty vendors, located outside of the capital cities. Although they share some of the holiday goods, such as honey and spices, certain items are only available from a specific NPC:

  • Cranberries are from the vendors outside Ironforge and Orgrimmar.
  • Sweet Potatoes are from the vendors outside Darnassus and Thunder Bluff
  • Small Pumpkins are from the vendors outside Stormwind and Undercity.

Additionally, you'll need to hunt turkeys in Tirisfall Glades or Elwynn Forest to obtain Wild Turkeys. With the assistance of these vendors, you will be making five dishes:

Cooking all five recipes will earn you the achievement Now We're Cookin'. Your first stack of 20 of each of these foods will be used to complete the daily Pilgrim's Bounty Daily quests, resulting in the achievement Pilgrim's Progress.

Related achievements include Pilgrim's Paunch (Acquire the Spirit of Sharing from a complete Bountiful Table feast at every capital) and Sharing is Caring (Pass one of every dish at a Bountiful Table.) NOTE: if you eat five helpings of every food, you'll gain the Spirit of Sharing which lasts one hour and increases reputation gained by 10%.  Conveniently, tables come equipped with their own unlimited stacks of food, so you won't be stuck in the kitchen all day. These achievements are all part of the Pilgrim meta achievement which awards the title Pilgrim and a plump turkey vanity pet.

More achievement points are nice, and I'll definitely try to complete the achievement for the pet. But what I am most excited about is gaining five more recipes to add to my total.

I'll be updating this post with screenshots and more details once the holiday goes live this weekend.

For more cooking achievement details, see the Cooking Achievement guide.

Professions Synergy


This sexy Tauren is my bank alt. He is one of the primary keys to my ability to make my horde-side professions somewhat profitable. But the other equally important component to that profitability is my having chosen complimentary professions that can help each other out. For my horde characters, it breaks out like this:

  • shadow priest is a tailor/herbalist
  • mage is an alchemist/herbalist (elixir mastery for the flask procs)
  • shaman is a miner/jewelcrafter
  • druid is a skinner/leatherworker
  • SO has an enchanter and an inscriptionist

Alliance-side is similarly aligned:

  • druid is an enchanter/skinner
  • mage is an alchemist/herbalist (elixir mastery for the flask procs)
  • shadow priest is an inscriptionist/herbalist
  • SO has a leatherworker, engineer, and blacksmith

That's right. Not only did I pick my alts' professions with an eye on how they could feed into each other, I took my SO's professions into consideration as well to come up with a mix that would cover most of our bases.

Each day, my alchemist transmutes an epic gem and sends it to the JC. The JC makes an icy prism daily, sending the blue quality gems back to the alchemist, along with the eternals she mines, cutting the epic gems and sending them to the bank alt. All herbs gathered go to the alchemist for making whatever flasks I need and whatever elixirs are selling well in the AH. The two maxed fisherwomen do the fishing daily (the third does it only when it's the sewers, slowly increasing her skill), sending any usable fish to the bank alt to be held for the druid's eventual push to 450 cooking.

Alliance side had mirrored this as well, until I faction changed the shaman and moved her over to the horde. Additionally, as I leveled the tailoring and the SO leveled the leatherworking, all excess items that were not especially saleable were funneled to the enchanter for DEing. The inscriptionist made me plenty of scrolls so no enchanting skill-up points were ever wasted.

These interwoven professions didn't initially happen by design. But when I moved my shadow priest to her current server and started up my army of alts there, I did take what I'd learned from several years of good professions synergy with my Alliance characters and apply it. Some professions, especially enchanting, are really expensive and time consuming to level without having additional toons and their professions excess feeding into them. And since the excitement over getting to train new recipes and make fabulous new goodies has long been a driver of getting me to work on my alts, it works out very well all around.

So next time you roll an alt, and are tempted to pick two gathering professions or a repeat of an easy profession you've previously breezed through, take a minute to think about if you have an opportunity to make your profession leveling less painful -- or more profitable -- by considering it in context of your own little crafting cabal.

WotLK Epic Tailoring Patterns

With the announcement of the 3.3 epic tailoring patterns, presumably purchased from a vendor in Icecrown Citadel, I figured it was time for a big list of rare drop/non-trainer epic tailoring patterns.

3.3 Patterns (ilvl 264)

Location: TBD. Purchasable with Honored or above reputation with the Ashen Verdict, a new faction related to the siege on Icecrown Citadel.

3.2 Patterns(ilvl 245)

Location: Rare drops off bosses in Trial of the Crusader 25.

3.1 Patterns (ilvl 226)

Location: Rare drops off bosses in Ulduar 25.

These craftables all share one thing in common: a pretty significant crafting cost. However, if you're a raider who has had bad luck in seeing a specific drop, or if you don't raid frequently, it can be worth it to drop the cash on an item like the boots or a belt.

They all require WotLK specialty cloths (i.e. Moonshroud, Ebonweave, Spellweave). By tier, they have separate 25-man raid-only drop items (the current 2 eventually became purchaseable by badges) that can make up the bulk of your farming time or cost: Runed Orb and Crusader Orb. The 3.3 patterns require Primordial Saronite to purchase the patterns and to make them. It is unknown at this time if that will be a rare drop off the trash in the instance or how it will be obtained by players.

Profession Grind: Books of Glyph Mastery

Two weeks ago, I decided my level 70 Alliance scribe really should learn all the Book of Glyph Mastery glyphs. Unfortunately, I was already broke Alliance-side from my druid’s quest for the fawn pet. And I don’t play my alliance characters at all. So it's not like I needed to do this -- I am just completionist about my professions.

But I came up with a sensible solution: I had her sell glyphs every day until she could afford to buy her books. And last night she learned her final glyph. I spent on average 30 minutes per day making glyphs and listing/relisting them. Invaluable in this effort was trading in ink of the seas for all the other inks, and using LilSparky's Workshop and Auctionator to help me see at-a-glance which glyphs were profitable  so I did not waste time making glyphs that sold for less than their materials cost. I spent in the 70-90g range per glyph book, and ended with a 3k G profit, after accounting for cost of supplies and purchasing the books. Not too shabby.

And on a related note, it really does seem rogues are not raiding any longer—their glyphs almost never seemed to sell.

No profession grind like this is complete until you make yourself a chart, so here’s mine after the jump.

Continue reading "Profession Grind: Books of Glyph Mastery" »

New Fishing Pole


After months of fishing dailies, I finally received one of the new poles in my reward bag. It's the Bone Fishing Pole. Same +30 fishing as the Kalu'ak pole, but instead of underwater breathing it grants +40 shadow resistance. Appropriate enough for a shadow priest, yes?

It's a nice looking pole tho I do wish it had a unique lure/bobber thingy. Oh well. It's nice to have a new toy regardless.

Tailoring Rep Grind: Herbalism Bags

I admit it: My Sporeggar rep grind started out as being about the herbalism bag, but I stayed for the Exalted rep to obtain the adorable pet. The Cenarion Circle on the other hand 1) had no pet and 2) was the bane of my existence when Silithus was a new zone and my druid had to farm rep there healing guildies as they slaughtered the annoying (then Elite) bugs.

Thus, my tailor lacks the CC herb bag. One of these days I *will* get around to doing the grind tho, and I'll be sure to pop over and re-read Psynister's post on the CC rep grind.

Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.1: Bringing the Fishing Dailies Back, Now in Northrend

One of my laments when we initially launched into this expansion was its lack of fishing dailies for fisherwomen such as myself. So when 3.1 brought with it fishing dailies, I was thrilled to say the least, and hopped to discovering the Mystery of the Ghost Fish and gathering many fishing treasures, such as Jack Sparrow's compass, and a bank alt pimp hat. One of my guildies was lucky enough to obtain a fancy fishing rod. But I have yet to see one of those (despite fishing across 3 toons), and no bobbers or turtle mount. Cue crying.

Like its predecessor in Outlands, the fishing quests carry an achievement for completing all of the quests: Chasing Marcia. Here's an overview of the quests you must complete to obtain it:

The Ghostfish
Take the newly zippy flightpath from Dalaran to Sholazar Basin's River's Heart flight point. After disembarking the plane, turn around and start fishing in the lake. It can take a few minutes for you to loot the ghost fish. IMPORTANT NOTE: as soon as you loot one of these babies, you must click on it and eat it. It will despawn 60 seconds after being caught so don't do what I did the first time and fly back to Dalaran with it in your bags...While you're out here, you may want to fish up some Nettlefish for your guild's resident fish feast maker.

Jewel of the Sewers
This is a 2-for-1 fishing activity since while you are down in the sewers waiting to fish up some corroded jewelry for this quest, you have a chance at obtaining the Giant Sewer Rat pet and achievement. I had the person next to me obtain this the other day and I seriously wanteed to push him into the sewer water. Ahem. Personally, when doing this quest,I like to eat a Magic Eater and cast while sitting down (or transformed into creatures like the whelp, above.)

Dangerously Delicious
I kept putting off this one until I realized that the Alliance and Horde flightpaths into Winterspring each have adjacent pools in which you may fish. Of course, ever since I realized that, this quest hasn't popped up. FINE. Also of note (theank you Kadomi) is Wintergrasp fishing is an easy way to obtain all of the fishies you need for your fish feasts without travelling the globe. Which reminds me of the many times I stood around in uncooperative AVs fishing back in the old days...

Monsterbelly Appetite
For this one, I have been flying to Unu'pe and flying east to their adjacent icebergs. Be sure to turn on your fish pool tracking. You'll find the Monsterbelly pools out here. If the other pools are up instead, you can fish them out to help the Monsterbelly pools repop. I lack the patience to just fishin the sea until a monsterbelly happens along but you could do that also. Be sure to loot the "Bloated Monsterbelly" you fish up to retrieve the arm. Return the arm to the first aid shop in Dalaran for your reward.

Blood is Thicker
Fly out to the Borean Tundra flight path of your choice and head towards the lake full of poachers south of the Amber Ledge. If others are out here doing the quest, you can use someone else's pool. Otherwise, kill a big mammoth or other creature and jump into the water, creating a red pool to fish from. Typically, I got 3 fish per cast, making this my quickest fishing daily. WHile you are at the lake, fish up some musselback sculpin for fish feasts.

Helpful Hints

  1. Use your best fishing poll and a lure to avoid trash. If youhaven't yet maxed out fishing, get on it as that will help you have fewer casts for the quest objectives.
  2. Make sure you are not in a raid group. You can not fish up the quest fishies while in a raid.
  3. Grab your cooking and/or jewelcrafting dailies at the same time. It's often efficient to do them all in one circuit.

Your Just Rewards

The gray trash from your Bag of Fishing Treasures can range from a few coppers to 100g vendor price. But not so fast-- the gray jungle hat is actually something you might want to give your favorite lowbie or bank alt since headpieces are hard to come by at low levels. There is also a chance for a rare pet, the strand crawler.

Happy Fishing!

Engineering Needs an Interdimensional Pocket

Overheard on Vent:

"I think in one of the next expansions what engineering needs is an inter-dimensional pocket so you could just show up in a town."

What an excellent idea. Of course, like the teleporters, I would suspect it would do things like randomly port you into whichever town it felt like. Including...cross faction towns. Oh yes, that sounds like a delicously evil new engineering device we definitely need...

Compiling My Cooking Recipe Book

I was  obsessive and completionist regarding my professions long before the Achievement System was put into place. But Achievements have exacerbated these tendencies. Case in point: Cooking recipes.

I had always thought my druid had a comprehensive selection of the recipes available to the Alliance. I mean, yeah I wussed out on the Broodlord chain well before I had the recipe for [Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops]* in my grasp, but I did have all the cooking daily recipes and even the Cenarian Circle’s [Smoked Desert Dumplings].

But then I spied the Sous Chef Achievement for 100 recipes, which was achievable before the Expansion, and was perplexed. How had I missed another 15 possible recipes? Thinking back, it’s possible that on my first character (who, incidentally, is still my main) I didn’t pick up cooking initially, and thus hadn’t gathered all the lowbie recipes. Also, with the addition of the Draenei starting area, they must have added some quests and recipes there as well.

And then I saw the Chef de Cuisine achievement for 160 cooking recipes, only attainable after progressing through Wrath, at which point I got serious about it. And thus, another big ol’ list was born…

Download my list of Warcraft cooking recipes in a PDF or read on for the list in HTML after the jump.

* Turns out this annoying recipe is required to get the achievement as of right now, unless you are a rogue and can thus learn thistle tea. Patch 3.1 will provide at least a couple new recipes to solve for that.

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Fishing Dailies Return in 3.1

El's Extreme Anglin' has the scoop on the new Dalaran fishing dailies that will launch in 3.1. And here I had just been complaining yesterday about only having fishing and JC profession dailies. Lots of great junk rewards in them, including lucrative vendor trash, some bank alt bling, and a crawler minni pet! Whoohoo!

The five rotating quests are available in Dalaran, from Marcia Chase the Fishing Trainer who buys your vendored coins next to the Eventide Fountain. A search of professions-related quests on WoWHead lacks details on the 5 dailies El dug up, but it does turn up a daily from Old Man Barlo in Crystalsong forest. We'll see if and when that goes live as well.

I am a little disappointed they went with additional BoP fishing poles as rewards, rather than a new and improved fishing line to augment the shiny epic Kalu'ak fishing pole, or a BOE pole you could use to help get your lazy alts started fishing. Oh well!


Cooking Achievements Update

Pre-expansion, I compiled a guide to the Cooking Achievements that lead to the "Chef" in-game title. After skilling up my cooking on multiple characters, I've discovered that at least three of the required recipes for the Northrend Gourmet achievement do not appear to be currently attainable -- Kungaloosh, Fish Feast, and Orca Stew.

There are quest chains that reward you with a stack of Kungaloosh and Orca Stew, but neither quest provides you with the recipe to make those items. The Fish Feast looks like it should be a Dalaran Cooking Awards purchase, but it's not on the vendor. Since the achievement requires you to make 45 of 46 possible recipes, these omissions would make this achievement not possible. I have a GM ticket turned in on this topic and will report back if they let me know how this issue is going to be addressed.

Minor Glyphs: a Checklist

As previously noted, I swapped one of my characters over to inscription and quickly leveled her up to the pre-Expansion maximum. I have been dutifully conducting my inscription research every morning, learning a new minor glyph each day. After about a week, I started finding it hard to keep track of all the ones I have learned-- and of which ones I have equipped on my various characters.

Thus, I made myself a table of the available minor inscriptions, with spaces to check off which ones I have learned plus which ones I've equipped. I've turned that into a PDF. You can also view it as HTML below, behind the cut. Enjoy!

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