Sometimes it's the Small Things

Fishing chair! At last!

Why no that WASN'T a gnome pun, thank-you-very-much.

It's just stopping to smell the flowers.

Or in this case, to sit in my newly obtained fishing chair.

My sweetie got the loot card for me for my birthday, but there was some sort of a redemption bug that took a very long time to sort out.

But after checking every few weeks, my mage was finally victorious and took the chair for a test-sit, as it were.

The verdict: this is the only way to fish.

What small things in game have made you smile this week?

Is that a Sha in Your Pocket...?

Are you TALKING TO ME!?!? Gnome shadow priest with scary Sha helm

...My gnomey shadow priest's looking more than a little Sha-touched these days. Between her strangely frightening visage, as you can see above, and the Shafiend that keeps following her around, even on her farm (see below), she's gotten a little bit more evil as the season has worn on.

I completely blame/credit LFR. While it certainly can never take the place of the feeling of exhileration that comes from being part of a successful collaborative raid team that's kicking booty, it has been a great way to keep a toe in raiding on my favorite class, despite not having a schedule that could accommodate regular raiding with a guild.

I'm crossing my fingers, however, that we'll be able to do some 10-mans with Friend or Foe soon. I had the pleasure of finally completing Terrace of Endless Spring last night, thanks to two FoF tanks (/waves at Manglehaft), and can tell it would be a great experience to casually raid with those folks.

I haven't made much progress on the alts, other than getting the shaman to 90 a few weeks ago. I mean to be leveling my boomkin, but I mostly want to play my shadow priest. No, my Alliance shadow priest. Not, you-know-who. She's still hoveringaround at 85, trying to figure out if there's anyone left to play with on Bronzebeard...

me and my Shafiend

I Have a Confession to Make...

Nothing like a team meeting to bring out some confessions...

I have a confession to make: I've been running around Pandaria, listening in on your deepest secrets. No -- really. You see, in the midst of my inscription research one day, I made a glyph of confession. And I couldn't resist the temptation of learning it myself instead of just making a few and selling them for profit.

The first player I targeted and cast the spell of confession upon told me: "I go into dungeons not to make Azeroth a better place, but just for loot."

Just as I'd expected! My fellow adventurers weren't really in it just for the thrill of adventure. I KNEW IT!

Inspired to learn more secrets, I targeted more adventurers standing around int he tavern. That mage in the flashy dress nursing a beer? They said: "I really wasn't prepared. Who knew?"

Ha! You probably mooched a ton of fish feasts off those of us who *were* prepared, missy!

That other shadow priest though, they were the one I really wanted to find out more about. Casually, I shifted out of shadow form for a moment and stopped to talk to the bartender. Then, when I was sure they weren't paying any attention to little gnomey me, I cast the spell and learned: "I have stood in the fire."

Woah. Really? You just..stood there? For shame! You could have at least dispersed! Bah!

I stood there pondering this for a moment, when out of nowhere I saw myself saying "I never use the lightwell."

Quickly glancing around, I looked for that sneaky shadowpriest. And sure enough, he was targeting me. Beaten at my own game by a fellow shadow priest! Oh, the humanity!

This post inspired by the most recent Blog Azeroth Shared Topic.

Transmogrification: Validation for a Game Lifetime of Being a Pack Rat!

Psychocandy in her full 8-pieces of Druid T2, with Onyxia Scale Cloak and Shadow Wing Focus Staff

As recently noted, transmogrification was the #1 thing I was looking forward to in Patch 4.3 which dropped this week. Thus it should come as no surprise that when I finally logged in to WoW, post-SWTOR BETA weekend, that the first activity on my agenda (and my only activity thus far) was to get my transmogrifitcations in order.

My first order of business was my druid, Candy. At one point, all of her bank bags, plus two of her personal bags were stuffed full of old gear and vanity pets. Eventually, our pets went into the Companion tab, which meant she was able to hoard even more gear and tabards. I considered her full set of Tier 1, and the T2 recolored set from BC heroics, but settled on her full set of T2. In addition to loving its look, it was a minor miracle to have collected all 8 pieces at level (only 1 other druid on our team also got all 8 pieces, my friend El.). My vanilla WoW raiding days were definitely the high point for my druid, so I love that she is now able to forever memorialize that moment in time.

Snakedriver in her Frozen Shadoweave set with the Staff of Infinite Mysteries

Next up: my gnome shaodw priest Snake. She was born a Draenei at the dawn of the Burning Crusade. And as soon as she hit max level, she was tapped by her friends and family guild to start coming to the weekly Karazhan raids. Everyone wanted her OP replenishment and healing powers. I still remember the night the Staff of Infinite Mysteries dropped for her. I couldn't stop grinning for a solid hour. It totally made the outfit. "...the Menagerie is for guests only..."

Anexxia not wearing her shiny halo because it has gone missing

My beloved shadow priest Anexxia, however, did not have a similar happy transmogrification story to share. Her bank is somehow a mess of mismatched helms and shoulders, one dress, and a few other misc bits. But most importantly, her halo is missing. That's right-- my most favorite piece of her gear, which I have posed with in numerous costumes/dress up screenies-- POOF! To say that this deflated my transmogrification high would be accurate. I poked around, and settled on an outfit, but I am not happy with it. I wanted the halo. I've put in a ticket asking to have the item restored, but given my recent track record with GM requests, I won't hold my breath.

How about you -- how has your transmogrification been going?

I'm a Face-Melting Shadow Priest But I Still Love the Whimsy and the Adorableness in WoW

This poor goblin must have been very naughty to be jack-o'-lanterned this way...

Recently, on twitter, pretty much from the moment Blizzard announced them as the new expansion's focus and new race at Blizzcon, there has been much backlash against the Pandaren. I've seen many comparisons to Ewok and gnomes (because apparently many many people feel sickened and/or threatened by gnomey awesomeness) and assertions of how their "silliness" as a class equates to Blizzard having jumped the shark and ruined the World of Warcraft.

All I can say to that is: BALONEY!

Personally, I am equally at home with my love of vanity pets and gnomes and kittens and being a face melting shadow priest! I challenge anyone who has played with me to honestly say "Oh that Anexxia is such a carebear gnome lover and kitten scratcher that it gets in the way of her being a good player; she really needs to L2play."

The entire style of WoW, to me, is somewhat cartooney, versus hyper realistic. It's not meant to be a very serious representation of modern life. I don't want to play a character that looks just like me in real life-- I play me in real life every day. Having a little fun with appearances doesn't change my ability to play in any way. Yes, sometimes we are going about very serious business, such as very important raid boss killing, but at the end of the day, we are playig a game, with a goal of having fun. And having a dancing gnome shadow priest in your raid is fun! Not as fun as a dancing boomkin perhaps, but FUN all the same!

You know what else is fun? Bouncing along as you run. I bounce on my night elf. I bounce on my Forsaken. I bounce on my gnomes. And the bounciness is contagious. Before you know it, you have other folks bouncing along in synchronization with you! And suddenly that long run back from that wipe isn't quite as annoying.

Frankly, it always puzzles me how much anti-gnome sentiment I'd hear while playing my beloved gnomey casters. Now, Pandaren have taken up the mantle of most heckled and despised race. I don't particularly like the hunchbacked, ever-sniffing worgen, but I don't go on Internet tirades about how they ruined Wow and are ridiculous insults to my gaming self. I just simply don't play one. Hopefully the anti-Pandaren uproar will die down and folks will find something else to deride. If not, at least all you pandas will have a nice thick furry skin to deflect the criticism. And hopefully you'll have an awesome beer-powered dance to dance those cares away with...

PS a big thank you to Cyn for suggesting I actually post about this.

Oh Hai There Creepy Crate!


Hallow's End is upon us once more!

Hasten ye to Orgrimarr and Stormwind to embark upon a new adventure, which will eventually result in this creepy crate following you home. He will clatter behind you all clickety clackety, occasionally popping up an eye-- or a tongue-- for a quick look around. Get him too close to a critter and ZAP! purpley lightning will wrap around them and suck them into the crate.

Watch out tho-- I haven't found a way to get rid of the foul stench from his green gaseous emissions...


BREAKING NEWS: There seems to be a shadow priest lurking within the creepy crate! the shadow orbs do not lie!


Crackpot Idea: Lady Sylvanas Fordragon


Like most crackpot ideas, this one was hatched over a nice cold cocktail at the end of a long hot day: wouldn't Azeroth be an even more beautiful and happy place if my two favorite heroes found love with each other? That was a thought that crept into my head last night, as the temperature inside our apartment pushed past 80 degrees.

They are both powerful leaders and snappy dressers. Both are at home amongst the undead.

Yeah, I know, it's not much to go on. Perhaps I needed another cocktail. But it just seemed so right as I mulled it over last night.

Sure, I know it would be hard for them to get over their disparate faction allegiances. But think of what a great army they could bring together against Deathwing? Wouldn't that be reason enough to join forces?

Ah well, a living dead girl can dream...

Friday Five: Five Ways That Gnomes Bring the Sexay

Sorry, Thrall honey, but I'm taken.

  1. We have the sexiest dance moves, both male and female side.
  2. We tell geeky jokes, and there's no humor sexier than geek humor, amirite?
  3. We can sneak up on you from out of nowhere, and drop the sexay bomb, and then run off, leaving you wanting more.
  4. We're the original ponytail rockers. 
  5. Once you go gnome, there's no going back. I mean, you've seen a male gnome doing a dance haven't you?


Happy Friday.

xoxo Anexxia

Friday Five: Five Fake Patch Notes That Shoulda Been Real

I'm a smidge tardy with this week's Friday Five, thanks to having spent the better part of the week out of town. But I did get home in time to see some of Blizzard's April Fool's handiworks. And thius, this week's five:

  1. Appearance tab.
    Acknowledging the continued requests of our players, an Appearance tab has been added to the game! The Appearance tab will finally, at long last, allow players to customize the look of their non-combat pets. Simply summon a non-combat pet and use the Appearance tab to change its look to that of any of the other non-combat pets you own. Summon, customize, and play!
    NOTE: of course, we'd *really* like to see this come true for characters, not pets, but still.
  2. Acknowledgement that there's not a lot of choice in the talent trees.
    Talents are now automatically chosen for a player based on the main specialization chosen.
  3. Super herber status.
    Druids now perform an area-of-effect knockback when harvesting herbs, looting, or skinning (does not remove Flight Form).
    NOTE: none of my druids are herbers, mind you, but this would be too funny.
  4. Mirror images now more magey.
    In addition to their current spells, mage Mirror Images now can randomly cast Frost Nova, Ring of Frost, Portal: Dalaran, and Mirror Image. Mirror Images summoned by Mirror Images can also cast Mirror Image. Mirror Images summoned by Mirror Images that are summoned by Mirror Images can also cast Mirror Images. Mirror Images that are summoned by Mirror Images that are summoned by Mirror Images that are summoned by Mirror Images…
  5. Priest class conversion.
    Evangelism now has a 2% chance to convert all surrounding party members to the priest class.

BONUS: Female warlocks are now correctly called witches.

What were your favorites?

Friday Five: Vanity Pet Edition

Who's a cute little fuzzy wuzzy? No, not you miss boomkin, I was talking to the spectral tiger cub!

I know I shouldn't love any of my vanity pets more than others, but I have to admit it: I do have my favorites. here are my top 5 favorite vanity pets, not in order because I really can't rank them:

  • Spectral Tiger Cub. I wanted this guy ever sine I saw him previewed on a TCG promo back in the day. This little guy also wins the prize for being least expected birthay present ever.
  • Hippogryph Hatchling. This was my first ever super rare vanity pet. I'd received a box of the TCG cards as a gift from my SO after a particularly tough week traveling for work, and this loot card was in it. Totally unexpected and so adorable. I was totally annoyed when a vanilla WoW guild mate's boyfriend bought her one of the cards off eBay after she'd admired mine in our raids.
  • Wind Rider Cub. Yet another awesome present from my SO. He is so adorable, and I love it when he flies along behnid me.
  • Singing Sunflower. It's so nice to be out in the middle of nowhere and have this little pet start singing to you. You're never lonely in Azeroth with this little lady by your side.
  • Moonkin Hatchling. I whined and pined and dreamt of having a mini me for my boomkin. And then this year, our dreams came true with the adorable moonkin baby! I seriously stood around in Dalaran dancing with this little cutey for a solid half hour after getting him in the mail.

What's your favorite vanity pet?

What's Your WoW Theme Song?


This weekend on twitter, I noticed a certain someone using the tag #ThemeSongsForWoWClasses. And it got me to thinking, if my favorite WoW characters had theme songs, what should/would they be? Of course, upon close inspection, almost all of my characters are actually named after the musical inspiration I had in mind when I created them. All except for Anexxia that is.

WHAT SONG: Silent Hedges by Bauhaus.
WHY? Too many reasons. First of all, she adores Peter Murphy. Because he is an amazing singer, whose songs encompass her many moods. The song not only sets the dark and moody scene for her explorations of Azeroth...the words speak to her as well: Looking into purple eyes / Sadness at the corners / Works of art with a minimum of steel.

What would your primary character's theme song be?

Friday Five: Five Things You May Not Know About My Boomkin

Psychocandy0806 WoW_Psychocandy_dps_0807 WoW_Psychocandy_dps_0807

  1. Psychocandy was born at the start of January 2006. She was my very first WoW character, and my main up until Spring of last year.
  2. Did I mention that I actually leveled her as a healer? Yes,  I did that becasue I wanted to ensure I understood the healing role and would be ready to jump into main healing 5 mans and raids once she hit 60.
  3. I'd already had the raiding bug from the moment I rolled her, thanks to watching my SO raid ZG every week for several months. This is how my level 58 self ended up in Molten Core, healing.
  4. I wasn't a maxed out restoration druid though. Up until Patch 3.0 I had a hybrid build of my own design (not the somewhat more common Dreamstate druid build.) I was never ever a tree. I was a crazy regrowth spamming caster lady. And I kicked everyone's butt in the healing department. :)
  5. With Patch 3.0 I went Boomkin. I'd flirted with it earlier in BC, and after the changes to restoration healing made tree pretty much mandatory for performing well, it seemed like a good idea to make that swap. And once you start boomkin dancing, it's hard to go back...

BONUS: My character's name is Psychocandy. You may call her Candy for short. No, you may not call her Psycho. She's named after a song. Go listen to it.

Next time: Anexxia gets the trip down memory lane.

Friday Five: Birthday Week Edition

Ah, birthday week! You were very good to me this year...

  1. My SO gave me the one thing I really really wanted for my birthday...

  2. Blizzard gave my druid her very own fancy schmancy fishing pole.
  3. Cynwise, Ambermist and I had a druid dance party in the Eventide...
  4. ...which inspired a battlechicken rap!
  5. And Anexxia got her very own Elwynn Lamb, bring her up to 100 vanity pets! Huzzah!

Not bad for what turned out to be a pretty hectic week, including a sick day in the middle of it.

There Go My Blizzcon Dreams...


This year, Blizzcon falls during my sabbatical. Which meant attending Blizzcon was finally possible (we are usually really busy at work during Blizzcon) and would have been a great excuse to visit friends in Southern California to boot.

But it was not meant to be.

Wednesday night, I was 4250 or so in queue, and got the sold out page when I hit the 500 mark in line. Today? 8500 or so in queue.


I was looking forward to having a chance to meet up with some of my favorite WoW tweeps and bloggers. And to participate in a celebration of the game that I love and have been playing for 4 1/2 years now (!) Oh well. At least we gave it a good try.

Tempting to head down there that weekend anyhow, since it would be a great chance to meet folks, but not sure it would be super fun to hear about what a great time everyone else had at the Con when I couldn't actually attend, ya know? Might try to see if folks are coming out a few days before and plan a meetup then. Or something.

Also, I hope those eBay scalpers enjoy being reported by my more vigilante tweeps!

Now, back to leveling the DK's mining! She's almost to 300 now (in a late burst of speed the iMac made it back to me last night). I refuse to take her to Outland until she can mine the Fel Iron. RAWR!

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Best/Worst Towns

Thanks to this week's Blog Azeroth Shared Topic for giving me an excuse to share my love of Undercity.

death knight and undead shadow priest enjoying a Love Boatr cruis through Undercity's sewers

I know it's turning up on many folks' worst lists but I have loved the Undercity since my first trip there as a very wee undead priest back in the day.

I love the overall Tim Burtonesque feel as I wander through the halls. I love that it's on a circular grid, making it easier to get to where you are going than Orgrimmar for instance. 

It's a place that feels truly entrenched in the lore. Much like the Plage Lands. One of my favorite plague quests sends you back to talk to Royal Overseer Bauhaus(squee for a shout out to one of my favorite bands ever), the census taker, to try to find a restless ghost's next of kin, who turns out to be the poor sad cockroach vendor, Jeremiah.

Add to it the subbasement level headquarters of the Royal Apothecary Society, and you have a city that truly feels like a perfect home for my forsaken ladies.

A few things about the Undercity that you might not know, as noted in its WOWiki page:

  • There are portions of the Undercity where effects from Warcraft III were deliberately inserted into the game as ambient sounds. These areas are the throne room, the hallway directly outside of it, and even the bell tower located just at its entrance. Near the bell, you will hear the churchbells ringing when Arthas returns to Lordaeron before he becomes a death knight.
  • In the hall before the throne room, there are still scattered rose petals on the cobblestones from Arthas' return.
  • In the throne room itself, a slight trail of blood — from when Terenas' crown rolled on the floor after Arthas murdered him — can be seen near the throne. What is most chilling is that the room echoes with Arthas' own voice saying the words, "Succeeding you, father," his words before he murdered his own father.

My only complaints are that it could really use a good tavern in the vein of Gallow's End tavern, and my poor Troll and Tauren have to dismount to use the elevator. But these are small complaints. I hope the Cataclysm changes are kind to my beloved home city.

Alliance side, Stormwind City has long held my heart, despite my not playing any humans.

  gnome fisherwoman on the Stormwind canals fishing pier

I love the many fishing spots along the canals, and wandering through the shops. The main bank/inn/auction house area is nice and compact. Folks always seemed to prefer Ironforge as a hub, but I love Stormwind for feeling like a city in which people actually lived, and worked, and sat around drinking beer with their buddies. You can stroll through the park, admire ships at the harbor, browse through the royal library and art gallery, or generally lose yourself in your character's thought here.

Of all the places in the game, to me, this feels most like a real thriving capital city.

After writing this I am struck by the fact that my two favorite cities in WoW are those with canals. I guess my love for Venice, Italy is showing through here.



I don't want to spend a bunch of time on the worst towns, but will say these are the major cities I avoid when possible:

  • Darnassus. Everything is too spread out. It used to enrage me on my first toon, a druid, to run from the AH to the mailbox all the way at the bank and back again.
  • Exodar. I made my Draeni hustle themselves to Ironforge or Stormwind at the first opportunity. Nothing about this place made e want to stop and stay a while.
  • Thunder Bluff. I have wasted hours trying to get to the prairie dog vendor. Or to find anyone/anything here. The multi-levels always vex me. I've also never died from falling off from cliffs anywhere else.

Faction Change Completed: Tuskarrnexxia


Finally, my fisherwoman's dreams have come true!

Ever since the first time one of those shiny yellow potions in the Dalaran sewers transformed me into a Tuskarr, increasing my fishing abilities and making me have an urge to say "UrrrrAWWWRRRRGGG", I've wanted to be a Tuskarr for more than 10 minutes at a time.

I woke up this morning, and BAM! Tuskarr.


Tuskarr ScreenShot_012909_225325


Psynister: Blog search term of the day: "world of warcraft how does auto attack wok" Uh, you click it, you attack, done.

Orithea: I think they want to know how to auto attack and stir fry at the same time.

Psynister: Well, I can help them with the auto-attack part, but I don't blog about stir fry. I probably should, but I don't.

Anexxia: @psynister @orithea i can help with the stir fry portion of this. Let's group up. ;p

Psynister: Sweet. For my part "click Auto-Attack and move to melee range. Now, over to Miss Nexxi."


Anexxia: "Lightly oil wok and set to medium high heat. Once oil sizzles a drop of water sprinkled in it, add veggies + sauce." Back to you.


Psynister: "Is the mob dead yet? If so, go find another and repeat step 1.


If not, make sure Auto-Attack is still activated and wait. Nexxi?"


Anexxia: "Toss the veggies until well coated with sauce. Cover with lid. Let steam for 5 minutes." back to you.


Psynister: "Mob dead yet? If so, go find another and repeat step 1. If not, check for rez sickness. You are using a weapon, right?. Nex?"

Anexxia: "Add 2 Cups water to small pan, high heat. At rolling boil, add 2 Cups minute rice, stir, cover with lid. Turn off heat." Psyn?


Psynister: "If the mob still isn't dead you'll soon find a very hot Wok flying towards your head. Oh, and repeat step 1. How's it coming Nex?"


Anexxia: "It's time to set the table. Grab a bowl, scoop up half the rice and some veggies. Bon Appetit!" *raises glass to Psynister*


Psynister: "Mob still not dead? Move to step 2 and place your brain in the wok and proceed from step 1 on Nexxi's side. Food time. Cheers, Nex"


This is what happens on twitter early on a Friday morning. Thanks to @wowcynwise for suggesting we immortalize this epic silliness, and for @orithea for inspiring it. And of course, to @psynister for the truly awesome MS Paint drawings.

If you're not already playing with the other WoW folks on twitter, let me say you are definitely missing out.

New Armory is Full of Fun Toys

Like this imbeddable 3-D representation of your character. What's not to love about this? I can blow kisses on my shadow priest all day long. Alas, I can't figure out how to shrink this enough to cram it into a sidebar here on the site, or else I would.


This was the most immediately visible of the changes they released to the armory this past week. One  of the other fun toys that I may try to incorporate here is a customizable RSS feed of up to five of your characters' recent activities. You can show their recent achievements, boss kills, and gear upgrades. The gear upgrades and achievements allow you some fine tuning so you can show only epic gear obtained for instance, and show only specific categories of achievements.

The activity feed keeps a running tally of how many times you've killed each raid boss, or heroic final boss, and adds it to your daily activity stream each time you kill them again. But what I really like is how it shows you if a person is wearing that shiny new piece of gear they obtained or not, thanks to the handy [equipped] notation that follows the items they are actually using.

Yes, we all bank gear from time-to-time, especially if we are juggling hit, but it's always nice when you have a nagging feeling someone has already looted that item before to be able to check. I had one former guildie who had "accidentally DEd" an item then felt entitled to taking the item again the next time it dropped (raid said um, no.) And the guildie who would forget they already had the same item in the bank, the guy who won the BOE bracers in MC (that he already was wearing and felt entitled to have a second pair to sell, under his own name, in the AH.) I could go on and on but I think the utility speaks for itself.


The new feature that got a lot of folks in my guild excited, however, was the calendar feed you can import into the calendaring tool of your choice (i.e. Google calendar, Outlook, iCalendar or whatever it is that you use to keep yourself on time.) As with the other feeds, you can choose to show data from up to five of your characters. Back when I was actively raiding on two characters on two different servers, it would have been awesome to see their schedules together.

During the twitter developer chat last night, I added in a few questions regarding some future enhancements I would love to see. They didn't answer them, but I am posting them here, because I bet you have some similar things you'd like to see too:

  • Will we see recipes learned added to the armory pre-Cataclysm?
  • Will we see more professions tracking improvements, such as recipes we have not yet learned, come to the UI?
  • Any chance you will partner with blog platforms like typepad on creating modules that pull from armory feeds?

I know that if I were able to sneak a project onto the armory development team's to do list it would definitely be adding professions tracking data to my character feed. Being able to see, at a glance, while offline, everything I can make and what recipes I am missing (and how to obtain them) would make me a happy camper. I used CraftList2 in game to help me with the not-buying-multiples-of-the-same-recipes portion of that equation, but it was still not as scannable as something web-based could be.

How about you? What would you like to see in future armory releases? And what do you think of these new toys?

New Toys for Me (not involving Ulduar)

This year's Christmas holiday was all about the in-game toys for me. I not only found a wide range of the holiday toys under the tree from Santa, I also found a few in my mailbox from friends. My favorite druid, Elvenia, sent my neglected Alliance druid a Gundrak Hatchling. My SO gave my shadow priest the adorable Teldrassil Sproutling, and my leveling partner gave me the white moth I'd somehow overlooked in my pet collection.

On Christmas Eve day, as I leveled the baby druid with her shaman buddy, we received an Orb of Deception from a chest. Although it was tempting to keep it for the druid, I sent it to my undead shadow priest, who had to try it out. See for yourself what happened:

And that wasn't all of the fun and frivolity either.I'd gotten my SO a box of the World of Warcraft Trading Card game cards, which meant an influx of new UDE points to spend. So while I was redeeming my Landro's Pet Chest code (I got some Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuits), I also finally cashed in my Sandbox Tiger and Path of Cenarius loot cards.

The sandbox tiger will be a fun toy to pull out the next time our raid group is attacked by a plague of DCs. I had to try it out for myself first though, of course:

I hope Father Winter gave you some fun over this long holiday weekend as well.