LOST Comes to a Close

In less than a half hour, the pre-show starts for the series finale of LOST.

Yes, I am one of the millions who got sucked in to Lost. In fact, it's the first show I've watched religiously since Twin Peaks was on the air. Yes, I was a huge fan of Buffy, of course, but I didn't DVR and backup VHS record it, ya know? But I was like that with Lost. (And for the record, my college best friend Aysha's mom used to record Twin Peaks for us if we were going out to a concert and couldn't watch it live, and overnight it to us.)

Why was I so committed to Lost? Probably in part because it was a mystery. And I wanted to ensure I had my opportunity to see it first-hand and form my own opinions before the Interwebs had their way with me and spoiled an episode for me. But the other reason is I really cared about the characters. And that happens so rarely for me in TVland.

As an aside, I wasn't an immediate Lostie. I saw my first episode in a most unlikely place. The SO and I were flying back from London, on Virgin Airlines, and picked out the pilot from the line-up of movies and television shows available to us. Even the big black screen warning that what we were about to watch contained footage of a plane crash that could, you know, be potentially upsetting to someone currently traveling over the ocean in a huge jet, didn't sway us from watching.

And thus started our multi-year obsession with LOST.

After tonight. we'll go back to our non-tv-watching selves. And I'll have a twinge of missing Sawyer at 9 p.m. each Tuesday night for just a little while.

P.S. I promise to come back here and leave spoilerific comments about the finale post-watching and digesting, after the cut.

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